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Double Critical - A Star Wars Legion Podcast

Apr 2020

Episode 3 - Sub Factions! With Chris from the 82nd Legion!

On the 3rd Episode of Double Critical, we talk all about how we'd like to see Sub factions make their way into Legion!  And Chris (The Captn) joins us from the 82nd Legion!

Mar 2020

Episode 2 - Upgrades and War Corgi!

We're talking about our most wanted upgrades!  Weather it's Trooper Upgrades, or upgrade cards for other units - what upgrade packs do we want to see!   Also we have War Corgi joining us today!  

Mar 2020

Episode 1 - The Double Critical!

In our initial episode, we launch this new podcast and talk about the wish list item, that inspired the name of the podcast itself!   The Double Critical!   This and other new potential ideas for surge effects and other dice modifications for combat in Star Wars Legion!